April 2021 Newsletter – How are you feeling today? | Written By Dr. Jerry J. Masarira, Naturopath D. CBIS.


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April 2021 Newsletter – How are you feeling today? | Written By Dr. Jerry J. Masarira, Naturopath D. CBIS.



How are you feeling today?

I want you to know why you feel the way you feel everyday while you might not have a proper explanation for your health condition. When you wake up in the morning, you sometimes feel like dragging yourself out of bed.

Sometimes your body aches, and then your feet and hands are cold most of the time as well as noticing you have put on weight. Sometimes you feel very hot when everybody around you feels very cold. The most likely cause of your condition is your thyroid.

The thyroid, as a name, is from two Greek words, “thyreos” and “eidos”. This means, (in the form of a shield). The thyroid is like a shield spread across the front of your trachea. It looks like a butterfly. It links the multitude of hormones, which are the biochemical messengers that give the body orders to function.

The thyroid produces two key hormones, Thyroxine, known as T4, and Triiodothyronine, known as T3. There are cells in your thyroid gland that make hormones from two substances from your diet, that is, iodine and the amino acid tyrosine.

The name is T4 because the hormone has 4 iodine atoms and T3 has 3 iodine atoms. The TSH, or thyroid stimulating hormone, from the pituitary gland, (situated in the center of the brain, the size of a pea, and weighs about 500 to 900 mg) determines the ratio of bound to free T3 and T4. This remains constant when your thyroid is in balance. This means, the hormones are stored in cells and the secreted in response to the TSH from the Pituitary Gland.

About 80 percent of thyroid hormone is T4. Most of the hormone that enters your cells is T3.

The T3 and T4 play essential roles in cells during metabolism. The cells require two kinds of fuel, glucose (sugar) and oxygen. Insulin regulates how cells use glucose and thyroid hormones regulate how cells use oxygen.

I want you to understand this very clearly. When T3 or T4 enters a cell, it must plug in or bind to a thyroid receptor in a cell. This then opens the cell to receive oxygen molecules. The cell then burns the oxygen, creating a chemical interaction that releases energy and heat to fuel your body’s functions. The energy generated then goes out to meet the needs of other cellular processes.

The cell needs its own supply of energy so that it can make energy. When the pancreas sends insulin, it binds with cell’s insulin receptors. The cell opens itself to accept glucose, which then burns to fuel its own needs. This then make you feel hungry, you then look for food to create more fuel for the cells.

Thyroid hormones affect and are also affected by other hormones in the body. When the thyroid is out of balance it affects every function in your body. When your metabolism is sluggish because your thyroid is under-active. Your body does not burn fuel as efficiently as it should. The result is a slow but steady weight gain no matter how

active or how little food you eat. The weight keeps going up.

You will feel tired and sluggish as well because your metabolism is not generating enough energy to make you feel energized. Slow metabolism is a sign that serves as “starvation alert” because your body begins to conserve energy by slowing down metabolism.

The reverse also does happen. An overactive thyroid, and you keep on losing weight no matter how you eat or activity level. Your cells keep burning away fuel in the form of oxygen as can be gotten. The cranking up pace is hard for the body especially your heart which will beat rapidly to keep pace with the demand of oxygen by the cells.

When the temperature outside your body is cold, your hypothalamus signals your pituitary gland to release TSH, which will signal your thyroid to raise body temperature.

When the body temperature outside is hot, your pituitary gland slows down even the release of TSH to cool down the body.

When the thyroid is overactive, it will constantly generate heat. When the thyroid is under-active, you are constantly cold even when you add more blankets.

Your thyroid is very important for many of your body functions. Taking care of your body and keeping it healthy is more important than looking for a good doctor to take care of your disease. It not wise to depend on a good health insurance. Depend on your good care of your body. Let sickness be an “accident” not a result of carelessness. Death has no reverse gear.


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Dr. Jerry J. Masarira, Naturopath D. CBIS.

Enpro Consultant and Certified Brain Injury Specialist.

Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA.

Alt. drmasarirajj@aol.com


Dr. Jerry J. Masarira, Naturopath D. CBIS.

Enpro Consultant and Certified Brain Injury Specialist.

Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA.

Alt. drmasarirajj@aol.com