What is Blood – Brain Barrier?  November 2021 Newsletter – By Dr. Jerry J. Masarira, Naturopath D. CBIS.


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There were two scientists Paul Ehrlich and Edwin Goldman who experimented on animals by injecting blue dye into their blood stream, that was between 1880 and 1913. All the tissues of the body, except the brain and the spinal cord turned blue. The scientist theorized that there was something isolating the brain from the elements that are exposed to the rest of the body. Another scientist, M. Lewandowsky then called this, “The blood Brain – barrier” They determined that, neurotoxic agents only affected brain function when they are directly injected to the brain. The location of the brain barrier is the capillary endothelial cells within the brain. The endothelial cells of the brain are different from those of other organs because they are woven in a tight fashion that keeps paracellular molecular movement from  occurring because the have no other connections called, “Transendothelial pathways or Intracellular vesicles”. In other words, it is too tight and only allows fat-soluble molecules, small molecules and some gases into the brain. Large molecules such as glucose have to pass through using transporter protein, this serves as the brain’s way of filtering which molecules are allowed in and which are to be blocked. This creates a border, to keep the blood in the brain chemistry separated and protected from occurrences in the rest of the body. There are some things that can weaken the blood – brain barrier such as high blood pressure, diabetes, any type of birth defect that keeps it from being fully developed at birth. Hyperosmolitity (This occurs when high levels of certain substances exist in the blood). Microwaves and radiation, certain types of infection or brain injury. The purpose of the blood brain-barrier is to protect the brain tissue from the variations that the rest of the body endures with the highs and lows of sugars, also hormones, chemicals, agents, toxins or anything found in the rest of the body that does not need to be in the brain. Essential amino acids which are coming from the blood into the brain, help move glucose into the brain. The circum-ventricular organs, are specific locations in the brain that do not have a blood-brain barrier in place, these are “doorways” within the barrier. This is where the hormone regulation between the blood and the brain takes place. When somebody abuses a substance and end up vomiting, it is because the body’s toxin levels get so high that the blood-brain barrier is compromised, the circumventricular organ called the AREA POSTREMAkicks in, this causes the body to basically EVICT, the toxic substance so that the level can be restored to manageable levels so that the barriers can function well. Here is where the problem comes. When we eat some ingredients that are legally added to our foods by the FDA, such as monosodium glutamate (MSG), some food colorings, such as yellow, red, green etc (which are not food) but put for taste and pleasure, they change your brain chemistry and the way you think. That is why some children are hyperactive and also having problem concentrating in school because of attention deficit disorder and other disorders. The sad part is all the cells that are destroyed cannot be undone. The problem with excitotoxins that come into the brain is they not only cross the barrier but they also trigger a neurological transmitter reaction in the brain that overstimulates the senses. The toxins “Excite” the brain. After eating the food, the neurons within the brain begin to fire erratically without cause. Several hours after those neurons fire, they die and they do not come back. That part of the brain does not “Wake-up” again, (till death do us part.) Foods with MSG, diet drinks sweetened with NUTRASWEET, flood the body to a level 4 to 20 times greater than normally present in the blood. At the end, diseases such as Parkinson, Alzheimer’s disease, Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) develop. Eat healthy and chose what you eat wisely. Sweet taste does not mean sweet life. In fact the opposite is true. We have a website for you to communicate for consultations and also training you as a medical missionary. There are other services you may find useful. On the website We recorded over 100 audio weekly lessons and old monthly news-letters you might have missed from the past. Feel free to read and listen. Pass the website link to as many people as you want across the globe. www.enprohealthinstitute.com If you have any questions, please contact me at: enproinstitutenews@aol.com Dr. Jerry J. Masarira, Naturopath D. CBIS. Enpro Consultant and Certified Brain Injury Specialist. Enpro Health Center Institute. Behans Farm – Mountain Valley. Midlands. Zim. Alt. drmasarirajj@aol.com drmasarirajj@gmail.com

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